Our Values

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BUILD's Core Values

Equity Focused

We recognize that disparities in equity have a disproportionate impact on marginalized communities in Erie. Advancing health equity is a central component of our decision-making framework; we prioritize development in areas of greatest need and opportunity to build a healthier community for all.


Strong coalitions are essential for inclusive development. We facilitate connections, advance the work of our partners, and work alongside other leaders in driving change, advocating for opportunities, and leveraging resources to bring about positive and lasting impact.


We believe our neighbors should have a decisive voice in shaping their communities and futures. We work in partnership with residents and community leaders to develop projects and initiatives that address disparities in the City of Erie and enhance the unique assets of communities.

Data Driven

Guided by reliable data, and through rigorous evaluation, we create sustainable, long-term, and measurable impact in areas of greatest need.