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Safe & Affordable Housing

We believe that everyone deserves a safe, stable, healthy place to call home and the supportive services to help facilitate their success.

The Problem:

By every meaningful measure, the affordable housing crisis is more costly to ignore than solve. It's costly for our communities, service agencies, and for the health of our neighbors. We see Erie residents in unstable and unhealthy living conditions without a clear path forward to improve their quality of life. Through our own initiatives, and uplifting the work of our partners, we will see every resident housed, with the supportive services to help facilitate their long-term success.

The correlation between housing and health outcomes is well-documented, with unstable and unhealthy living conditions contributing to a range of health issues.

Housing instability can lead to increased stress, exposure to environmental hazards, longer length of stay in emergency departments, and limited access to healthcare services. These negative effects can exacerbate existing health conditions and reduce overall well-being. Recognizing this link, BUILD is focused on addressing housing as a key determinant of health to improve health outcomes for Erie residents.


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Key Initiatives

Alongside our partners, we will increase the stability of Erie's housing sector by providing opportunities for residents to attain safe, healthy homes.